ORGANIC Kitchen Cleaner, 500ml

ORGANIC Kitchen Cleaner, 500ml

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ORGANIC Kitchen Cleaner, 500ml


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POLIBOY Organic, the new ecological cleaning and maintenance products POLIBOY. The absence of dangerous substances with a very careful selection of natural substances offers safety for humans and the environment.




Sustainable cleaning & maintenance with POLIBOY Organic

  • perfectly for all kitchen surfaces such as worktops, cupboards, cookers & extractor hoods
  • strong cleansing power
  • food-save due to bio-alcohol
  • creates hygienic cleanliness
  • fresh and fruity scent of oranges

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Field of application

The POLIBOY Organic Kitchen Cleaner is a ready-for-use spray-product with 100% natural ingredients. The application is ideal for all kitchen surfaces such
as worktops, cupboards, cookers & extractor hoods. The product provides hygienically clean surfaces simply by spraying on and then wiping it off. At the same
time, natural essential oils fill the room with a fresh, natural fragrance of oranges.

Ingredients and environmental notes

The special combination of natural soda and bio-alcohol support the removal of stubborn fat and other stains. In doing so, no harmful residues are left behind,
and food can be prepared on the surfaces.

POLIBOY Organic Kitchen Cleaner consists exclusively out of vegetable and mineral ingredients. In the processing of raw materials there has not been any contact
with animal ingredients as well. Thus POLIBOY Organic Kitchen Cleaner can be safely used by vegans.

POLIBOY Organic is a range of ecological cleaning- and caring products by POLIBOY. Due to the dispensation with eco-unfriendly ingredients, in combination with a particularly carefully selected choice of natural substances, the safety of both humans and the environment is provided for. Apart from sugar
surfactants made from coconut oil and glucose, especially mild surfactants on the basis of amino acids are used, allowing for a particularly caring product. No artificial solvents, fragrances or colourants are used, thus providing the products with a neutral ecological balance.

All ingredients are based on 100% renewable raw materials or natural minerals. The sprayer is made from easily recyclable plastic (PP), whereas the bottle is
manufactured from 100% recyclate (PET).

All POLIBOY Organic products are certified by NCP and controlled by the independent institute EcoControl.

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