ORGANIC Bath Cleaner, 500ml

ORGANIC Bath Cleaner, 500ml

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ORGANIC Bath Cleaner, 500ml


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POLIBOY Organic Bath Cleaner is this company’s new environmental cleaning and maintenance product.




Organic Bath Cleaner

  • ideal for washable surfaces in the bathroom such as fittings, sinks, tiles, shower units, etc.
  • cleans powerfully and thoroughly, removes stubborn stains by lime scale and soap residue
  • streak-free shine – no need to re-wipe
  • with valuable bio-alcohol
  • fresh and fruity scent of grapefruits

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Field of application

The POLIBOY Organic Bath Cleaner is a ready-for-use-spray product composed of 100% natural ingredients. It helps cleaning stubborn stains by lime scale and
soap residue and provides a steak-free, shiny and clean bathroom. The product is ideal for all bathroom surfaces such as faucets, sinks, tiles and shower cubicles.
The product can be used by just simply spraying and wiping the surfaces with a clean and steak-free cloth. Once used, this product will also fill the room with a
fresh, fruity scent of grapefruits.

Ingredients and environmental notes

POLIBOY Organic Bath Cleaner consists exclusively out of vegetable and mineral ingredients. In the processing of raw materials there has not been any contact
with animal ingredients as well. Thus POLIBOY Organic Bath Cleaner can be safely used by vegans.

Making the most careful selection of natural substances makes these products safe for the humans and environment. In addition to the plant sugar surfactants
derived from coconut and glucose, there have been very mild amino-acid surfactants included that allow particularly gentle but yet powerful product. There are no synthetic solvents, fragrances or dyes uses which ensures for the product’s clean ecological balance. All ingredients are based
on 100% renewable biological raw and natural materials. The special combination of natural mineral deposit removers, citric acid, lactic acid and bio-alcohol
support the replacement of stubborn soap and lime layers without attacking the surfaces.

The sprayer is made from easily recyclable plastic (PP), whereas the bottle is manufactured from 100% recyclate (PET).

All POLIBOY Organic products are certified by NCP and controlled by the independent institute EcoControl.

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