ORGANIC All-Purpose Cleaner, 500ml

ORGANIC All-Purpose Cleaner, 500ml

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ORGANIC All-Purpose Cleaner, 500ml


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The POLIBOY ORGANIC All-Purpose cleaner is ideal for a fast cleaning of all kind of surfaces.




POLIBOY ORGANIC All-Purpose Cleaner

  • ideal for open-pored, bucked, oiled or waxed wooden surfaces and for sealed wooden surfaces,e.g. birch, beech, maple and many others
  • gently cleans and nourishes
  • provides streak-free, naturally shining surfaces
  • fresh and fruity scent of oranges

Field of application

The POLIBOY ORGANIC All-Purpose Cleaner is a ready-for-use spray-product with 100% natural ingredients. The application is ideal for open-pored, bucked, oiled
or waxed wooden surfaces. It can be also used for sealed furniture out of birch, beech tree, maple or any other wood. The product provides a hygienically clean,
streak-free and naturally shine surfaces simply by spraying on and then wiping it off. At the same time, 100% pure essential oils fill the room with a fresh, natural
fragrance of oranges.

The soap-free and skin pH-adjusted formulation cleans thoroughly and streak-free, without attacking the wooden surface or drying it out. The special combination
of vegetal surfactants supports the removal of stubborn fat and other stains like nicotine.

Ingredients and environmental notes

POLIBOY ORGANIC All-Purpose consists exclusively out of vegetable and mineral ingredients. In the processing of raw materials there has not been any
contact with animal ingredients as well. Thus POLIBOY ORGANIC All-Purpose can be safely used by vegans.

POLIBOY ORGANIC is the range of ecological cleaning- and caring products by POLIBOY. Due to the eco-friendly ingredients in combination with a particularly carefully selected choice of natural substances, the safety of both humans and the environment is provided for. Apart from sugar surfactants made from
coconut oil and glucose, especially mild surfactants on the basis of amino acids are used, allowing for a particularly caring product. No artificial solvents, fragrances or colourants are used, thus providing the products with a neutral ecological balance.

All ingredients are based on 100% renewable raw materials or natural minerals. The sprayer is made from easily recyclable plastic (PP), whereas the bottle is
manufactured from 100% recyclate (PET).

All POLIBOY ORGANIC products are certified by NCP and controlled by the independent institute EcoControl.

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