Laminate Renovator

Laminate Renovator

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Laminate Renovator


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The Laminate Renovator from Poliboy is a new product for all laminate floors.




Immediately seals and gives shine
  •     Offers new shine to dull and worn laminate flooring
  •     Covers minor scratches
  •     Prolonged anti-swelling protection
  •     For a silky matt look
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The Laminate Renovator from Poliboy is a new product for all laminate floors. This product uses the idea of DIY ("do it yourself") and provides a novel solution for the repair of strained laminate flooring: Immediately - new gloss sealer, easy and convenient for everyone!

Laminate flooring can get signs of use after a while, despite its harsh and insensitive surface. The surface is dull, small scratches are visible and the swelling increases. The POLIBOY Laminate Renovator revives damaged laminate and ensures a long-lasting shine and protection. The durability of the applied protective layer persists 6 months or longer, depending on use and soil type.
The POLIBOY Laminate Renovator brings a remarkable and fast result. Apply evenly and in layers on the well cleaned structure of the floor. Then allow it to dry. The formula with special polymers and hard wax forms a thin protective film during drying, which not only brings new gloss, but also covers minor scratches and scrapes. In addition, the soil is also protected from moisture and abrasion. Others traffic areas - for example in the entrance or running tracks - can be protected even more intense by a second application.

Since the POLIBOY Laminate renovator only contains high quality raw materials and solvents, it can safely be used in children's rooms and bedrooms.
A bottle (500ml) is sufficient for up to 25m ², depending on the surface.

The PET bottle and PP (polypropene) cap are easily recyclble after use.

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